Knowledge Bank support

We are focused on providing the best user experience we can, helping you to discover answers to your inquiries quickly, effectively and precisely. We have a range of content on the Plantwise Knowledge Bank, including, posters, leaflets, factsheets, etc. For ease of use, we have categorised most of the content into 4 sections:

  • Species; provide more in-depth, technical information on approximately 3500 pests/diseases. They are written by scientists and include information such as lists of host plants, descriptions of symptoms, distribution, and information on impact, prevention and control. To produce a pest list for a particular country, click 'search' without entering anything into the search box. To see all the 'technical factsheets' for a particular country, which effectively gives you a pest list for that country, filter to 'Plantwise Technical Factsheets' in 'filter by category' and country of interest in 'filter by country'. This produces a list of technical factsheets (a pest list) and the link to that search result can then be shared with anyone.
  • Factsheets; provide information on pest management in non-technical language and are divided into 5 categories. (If you have a factsheet that you would like us to consider including in the Plantwise Knowledge Bank, please submit a factsheet):

    • Plantwise Factsheets for Farmers (PFFF) are management factsheets, with practical information on crop pest/diseases and control. They usually give more in depth information about a specific management method. They are written by partners in Plantwise countries for use by plant doctors and extension workers who provide advice to farmers.
    • Pest Management Decision Guides (PMDG) are management factsheets, with practical information on crop pest/disease and control, they usually focus on one crop.

      • Green and Yellow Lists are written by partners in Plantwise countries and include information that is specific to the country. Based on a traffic light system, the green sections provide information on prevention, monitoring and physical or biologically-based controls, whilst the yellow sections provide information on chemical controls and their restrictions for safe use.
      • Green Lists are produced by Plantwise and include only "green" prevention, monitoring and control options that are applicable in any country where the specified pest and crop occur - they do not include "yellow" controls such as pesticides which have local restrictions. They are prepared for use by plant doctors and extension workers.

    • External factsheets contain expert information from non-Plantwise sources. They usually include some information about the pest, treatment advice and images. These factsheets are aimed at a range of different users and vary in technicality.
    • Plantwise Photosheets are identification guides, which enable users to identify a pest or disease, usually via images or detailed description.
    • Video Factsheets provide practical information on crop pest/diseases and control in video form. It usually focuses on one pest/disease and may provide a detailed management method.

  • Images; provide a selection of high resolutions images of the pest/disease, usually on a crop. It also includes a description of the type of image, stage of pest/disease and copyright information.
  • Pest Alerts; provide information on pests/diseases in a specific country or region. New reports are regularly published in the scientific literature; you can sign up for monthly pest alerts straight into your inbox.