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Knowledge resources and tools for plant health

PlantwisePlus has developed a range of plant health decision support tools for a variety of users such as farmers, environmental managers, researchers, plant protection officers, and more.

Plantwise Knowledge Bank

An open access gateway to actionable plant health information and services – from diagnostic and management advice to maps of pest locations and customized pest news alerts.

Biopesticides portal ladybird

BioProtection Portal

A free tool to help growers and agricultural advisors to identify, source and apply natural pest control. Find biocontrol and biopesticide products available for problematic pests and disease on crops.


Plantwise Factsheet app

A free offline version of the Knowledge Bank for Android mobile devices, enabling users to access plant health information and management advice in the field.

CABI Academy Digital Learning Courses

Based on CABI’s award-winning Plantwise programme we have brought together our expertise in plant health and diseases to create a suite of online interactive training courses.


This free platform provides a comprehensive and accessible common space for fall armyworm researchers to share their findings and collaborate with other researchers.

Himalayan Balsam

Invasive Species Compendium

The compendium provides detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide. It covers recognition, biology, distribution, impact and management.

Horizon Scanning Tool

The Horizon Scanning Tool is a decision support aid that helps plant protection organisations identify and categorize species that might enter a particular geographic area from another geographic area.

pest risk analysis

Pest Risk Analysis Tool

A decision support tool that uses data from the CABI Crop Protection Compendium to aid the selection of appropriate measures for reducing risks associated with the movement of plants and plant products.

The Crop App Index helps users to find crop health-related digital tools that support their decision-making. It provides a filterable catalogue of crop health-related mobile apps and websites.

Pest Diagnostic Simulator App

Test your plant pest and disease investigation and diagnosis skills through multiple scenarios. The app supports and reinforces investigation and diagnosis skills through engaging gameplay and real-time feedback. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Crop Management Simulator App

Smallholder farmers can lose up to 40% of their crops to pests and diseases. In Crop Management Simulator you help farmers face these challenges based on the principles of integrated pest management. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Fertilizer Optimizer App

This app will assist you in using fertilizer more efficiently to optimize your fertilizer investments. The app will ask you for information on crops grown, area planted, expected crop sale prices, fertilizers costs and the budget you have to invest in fertilizer products. Free to download from Google Play.

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