The Plantwise Online Management System (POMS) has been developed to provide data management support across the Plantwise programme. This tool allows partners and Plantwise coordinators to store and manage information on Plantwise activities in their countries.

Please scroll down to find out more about what POMS can do and how to navigate the system.

If you have any queries, please email

POMS can hold administrative information on plant clinics, people and organizations associated with Plantwise, in-country training and content on the Plantwise knowledge bank. As well as storing useful information about Plantwise activities, POMS can also provide valuable analyses of plant clinic data.

Different levels of access provide privacy of data within POMS. Your level of access will determine which data you can view and edit within POMS and is decided by your National Coordinator or National Data Manager.

Login to POMS at using your username and chosen password.

You will be directed to the main dashboard on the home page, which gives an overview of clinics and available Plantwise content produced in-country.

To end your session, click 'Log Out'. For any further guidance, please email