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Complete sequence of a new bipartite begomovirus infecting Sida sp. in Northeastern Brazil.

Macedo, M. A. ; Rêgo-Machado, C. M. ; Maliano, M. L. ; Rojas, M. R. ; Inoue-Nagata, A. K. ; Gilbertson, R. L.

Archives of Virology 2020 Vol 165 No. 1 pp. 253-256;


In Brazil, non-cultivated plants, especially weeds, are infected with a diversity of begomoviruses and often show striking golden mosaic symptoms. In the present study, leaves showing these symptoms were collected from Sida sp. plants in Guadalupe, Piaui State, Northeastern Brazil, in 2015 and 2016. PCR tests with degenerate primers revealed the presence of begomovirus DNA-A and DNA-B components. Restriction enzyme digestion of rolling circle-amplified DNA revealed fragments totaling ∼5.2 kb, indicating infection by a bipartite begomovirus. The DNA-A and DNA-B components have a genome organization typical of New World (NW) bipartite begomoviruses and a common region of 220 nucleotides (nt) with 96% identity, indicating these are cognate components. Comparisons performed with the DNA-A sequence revealed the highest nt sequence identity (84%) with that of sida angular mosaic virus (SiAMV), whereas those performed with the DNA-B sequence revealed highest identity (77%) with that of sida chlorotic vein virus (SiCVV). In phylogenetic analyses, the DNA-A sequence was placed in a strongly supported clade with SiAMV and SiCVV from Piaui, whereas the DNA-B sequence was placed in a clade with SiCVV and corchorus mottle virus. Based on the current ICTV criteria for the demarcation of begomovirus species (<91% nt sequence identity for the DNA-A component), this is a member of a new species for which the name "Sida yellow golden mosaic virus" is proposed.