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Taxonomy of the genus Labronema Thorne, 1939 (Nematoda: Dorylaimida: Dorylaimidae) with redescription of its type species, L. ferox Thorne, 1939.

Peña-Santiago, R.

Nematology 2019 Vol 21 No. 1 pp. 23-34;


Labronema ferox is redescribed on the basis of two females and four males from the USA. It is characterised by its 2.90-4.45 mm long body, lip region offset by deep constriction, 31-39 µm broad and slightly sucker-like with distinctly protruding perioral liplets, odontostyle 34-37 µm long with aperture occupying 37-42% its length, neck 673-883 µm long, pharyngeal expansion occupying 48-52% of total neck length, female genital system didelphic-amphidelphic, uterus long and complex, including an intermediate pars musculosa, vulva longitudinal (V=51-54), caudal region short and rounded (27-39 µm, c=93-135 c′=0.6-0.8), spicules 76-89 µm long, and 20-25 nearly contiguous ventromedian supplements with an hiatus. Previous information about the species is analysed and discussed in the light of the present redescription. A new name, Labronemella zullinii sp. n., is proposed for the two females from Nepal described by Zullini in 1973. This new characterisation of L. ferox lays the foundations to study the taxonomy of the genus in more detail.