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Plantwise Technical Factsheet

Andean potato weevil (Premnotrypes suturicallus)

Host plants / species affected
Solanum tuberosum (potato)
List of symptoms/signs
Leaves  -  external feeding
Vegetative organs  -  internal feeding
Feeding by adults produces semi-circular notches along the edges of leaves. The larvae tunnel in the tubers, causing little externally visible damage.

Prevention and control
Simon (1958) and Tardieu et al. (1980) have given details on chemical control in Peru. In general, insecticides are applied against Premnotrypes species by soil incorporation, furrow treatment, row treatment at germination and before hilling. However, research is being done on the use of resistant cultivars (Huaman, 1987), and integrated control programmes are under development (Peralta and Javier, 1980; Raman, 1988).
The genus Premnotrypes includes the most important weevil species on potatoes in the Andes, although some other weevil species have been cited as pests, including Canephorotomus jelskyi and Rhigopsidius tucumanus (Munro, 1968). In many areas, Premnotrypes species are the most important pests of potatoes, sometimes causing complete destruction of unsprayed crops. P. suturicallus is considered to be the most important potato weevil in Peru (Scurrah and Raman, 1984), where P. latithorax also occurs. The adults feed on young potato plants. Larval damage to tubers is also important, especially when populations are high, and as many as 20 larvae may be found feeding in one tuber.

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