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Policy on Intellectual Property Rights in the Plantwise knowledge bank



>> CABI is an international not-for profit organisation which has provided highly-regarded, sustainable information resources and services in agriculture and the environment to the global scientific community for over 100 years;

 >> CABI recognises the value of scientifically-orientated data, text, images and other information (termed collectively Content) generated by CABI and a range of providers, including researchers, international centres, governmental organisations and universities;

>> Plantwise is a global programme, coordinated by CABI, to improve food security by reducing crop losses and improving quality;

>>  Under the Plantwise programme a Knowledge Bank is being created to collect, curate, host, archive, repurpose and disseminate Content that is relevant to plant health, with an initial focus on crop pests and diseases, for use by the entire research and end-user community;

>>  CABI believes that the Plantwise Knowledge Bank can bring benefits to farmers by providing  valuable information to a wide range of end-users, including extension workers, researchers (private and public sector), government workers (for example, those in quarantine offices and National Agricultural Research Services), food producers, and retailers.



>>  CABI will work with a wide range of governments, organisations, researchers or individuals to encourage participation in the deposition and use of Content in the Knowledge Bank;

>>  CABI will ensure that unprocessed data and any information generated as a public good using funding from national or international governments or other donors will be available in developing and developed countries free-of-charge on an open-access basis;

>>  Intellectual Property Rights associated with individual Content elements deposited into or linked to by the Knowledge Bank, will continue to belong to the originating organisation or individuals.  Material deposited or created solely by CABI or its employees, and the Plantwise Knowledge Bank as a whole, will be CABI Copyright;

>>  CABI will develop business options to ensure the long-term financial viability and sustainability of the Plantwise programme;

>>  CABI may charge certain sets of users for Content where cost has been incurred in the acquisition of the material or where CABI has added value through its own intellectual capital in the development of analytical tools, synthesis and interpretation of the data or any other form of value-addition to the source material;

>>  CABI recognises the importance of scientific rigour in validation and accuracy of available information and will make its best efforts to ensure the quality of material added to the Knowledge Bank.



CABI adopts the following Principles governing Plantwise Content and its derivatives and the cooperation with the scientific, governmental and end-user communities in generating such Content.

>>  CABI is committed to protecting originator rights and complying with all licensing arrangements, including Creative Commons (see;

>>  Depositors of the Content into the Knowledge Bank confirm that they have the right to make such deposits, either as copyright holder or as the licensee of the appropriate rights;

>>  Unless otherwise agreed, depositing Content implies the granting of the right to CABI to use the material, or any part of the material, in print, electronic or any other form in all languages, and to permit others to do so, throughout the world;

>>  Information included in the Plantwise Knowledge Bank, including any expression of opinion and any projection or forecast, is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness and any person who acts upon it does so entirely at his/her own risk;

>>  CABI will work with the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) or other National Agricultural Research Service (NARS) of countries taking part in Plantwise to alert them to information collected from the public domain that might be considered sensitive, such as a report of the discovery of a new pest or disease in that country for the first time.  See Plantwise Policy Statement on Pest Reports;

 CABI will work with the NPPO and NARS of any country where Plantwise Clinic data on pests and diseases are being collected to determine agreed processes by which such data would be entered into and released by the Plantwise Knowledge Bank.  See Plantwise Policy Statement on the Use of Plant Clinic Data;

>>  CABI strongly supports the concept of Integrated Pest Management, as a method of managing pests and diseases.  The concept combines the use of biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks.  As a result, Content will include all appropriate methods of pest control, including relevant chemical treatments.  See Plantwise Policy Statement on the Use of Pesticides;

>>  CABI will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Plantwise Knowledge Bank is updated and maintained.



CABI will observe the following operating procedures in the development and maintenance of the Knowledge Bank:

>>  CABI will clearly state in the Terms and Conditions of use of the Knowledge Bank a requirement for end-users of the Content to respect the rights associated with that Content;

>>  Where possible, all Content will be attributed to the appropriate source and that attribution will follow use and reuse of the content;

>>  CABI believes in the need to serve end users by ensuring the optimum discoverability, accessibility and usability of the materials and will, as necessary, repurpose resources held in the Plantwise Knowledge Bank into derivative products in the appropriate format, language and medium to deliver these aims;

>>  CABI takes seriously its responsibility to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of its own information and that of its partners in the Plantwise Knowledge Bank.  When alerted to any perceived violation CABI will rapidly investigate and take any appropriate action including, if necessary, legal action;

>>  When alerted to any apparent errors in the Content, CABI will rapidly investigate and take any appropriate corrective action.  In addition, CABI will endeavour to ensure that errors are corrected in Content held by other organisations to improve the accuracy of the scientific information available to the end-user community;

>>  CABI will generally not charge for hosting Content nor pay depositors for hosting and delivering it, but reserves the right to do so;

>>  Content concerning pest distribution will include a detailed reference to the source of the information and the pest status based on relevant International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 8: Determination of pest status in an area, ISPM 6: Guidelines for Surveillance , and ISPM 17: Pest reporting);

>>  CABI is registered with the Data Protection registrar for the purpose of collecting and storing personal information about their end-users.  CABI does not under any circumstances sell, trade or rent personal details to any third party.  See Plantwise Policy Statement on Personal Data Protection.