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Sharing knowledge

As a leader of research for over 100 years, CABI is a rich source of knowledge on environmental and agricultural issues aimed at improving livelihoods and ecosystems worldwide. Likewise, Plantwise, as part of the larger mission of CABI, works to contribute to the global conversation on plant health and food security through peer-reviewed publications and internal working papers. These documents show lessons learned, impacts and trends in pest managment and development from around the programme countries. Please find a full list of titles sorted by category below.

Peer-reviewed journal papers


Danielsen, S., Kajura, C., Mulema, J., Taylor, R., Kansiime, M., Alokit, C., Tukahirwa, B., Schelling, E. (2019). Reaching for the low hanging fruits: One health benefits of joint crop–livestock services for small-scale farmers. One Health 7 (online first). DOI: 10.1016/j.onehlt.2019.100082 [Link]


Musebe, R.O., Mugambi I.; Williams, F.; Mulaa M., Nambiro E., Chege F. (2018). Gender differences in the use of plant health information services: A case of plant clinics under Plantwise program in Kenya. African Journal of Agricultural Research 13(51) 2862-2871. [PDF]

Musebe, R., Bundu, M., Mugambi, I., Akundabweni, S., Nambiro, E., Chege, F. (2018). Effects of Plant Clinics on Pesticides Usage by Farming Households in Keyna. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development. [PDF]

Lamontagne-Godwin, J., Williams, F., Aslam, N., Cardey, S., Dorward, P., Almas, M. (2018). Gender differences in use and preferences of agricultural information sources in Pakistan. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension. DOI: 10.1080/1389224X.2018.1491870 [PDF]

Ochilo, W.N., Otipa, M., Oronje, M.L., Chege, F., Lingeera, E.K., Lusenaka, E., Okonjo, E.O. (2018). Pest management practices prescribed by frontline extension workers in the smallholder agricultural subsector of Kenya. Journal of Integrated Pest Management. 9(1)1-9. DOI: 10.1093/JIPM/PMY009 [PDF]

Uzayisenga, B., Waweru, B., Kajuga, J., Karangwa, P., Uwumukiza, B., Edgington, S., Thompson, E., Offord, L., Cafá, G., Buddie, A. (2018). First record of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in Rwanda. African Entomology 26(1) 244-246. DOI: 10.4001/003.026.0244 [Link]

Bentley, J.W., Danielsen, S., Phiri, N., Tegha, Y.C., Nyalugwe, N., Neves, E., Hidalgo, E., Sharma, A., Pandit, V. and Sharma, D.R. (2018) Farmer responses to technical advice offered at plant clinics in Malawi, Costa Rica and Nepal. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, DOI:10.1080/14735903.2018.1440473 [PDF]

Jean Claude N. Majuga, Bellancile Uzayisenga, Jean Pierre Kalisa, Conny Almekinders and Solveig Danielsen (2018). “Here we give advice for free”: the functioning of plant clinics in Rwanda Development in Practice, DOI [PDF]


Negussie, E., Feleke, K., Crozier, J., Mirete, S., Salato, Z. (2017). Bridging the gaps in plant health advisory services through community-based plant clinics: Lessons and prospects. Pest Management Journal of Ethiopia 20, 1-14. 

Lamontagne-Godwin, J., Williams, F., Bandara, W.M.P.T. and Appiah-Kubid, Z. (2017) Quality of extension advice: a gendered case study from Ghana and Sri Lanka. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 23(1), 7–22. DOI:10.1080/1389224X.2016.1230069 [PDF]

Karubanga, G., Matsiko, F.B. and Danielsen, S. (2017) Access and coverage: Which farmers do the plant clinics reach in Uganda? Development in Practice, 27(8), 1091-1102. DOI:10.1080/09614524.2017.1359236 [PDF]

Powell, A. (2017) CABI's innovative use of technology, data, and knowledge transfer to reduce crop losses in the developing world. Food and Energy Security, 5 (3), 94-97. DOI:10.1002/fes3.113 [Link] 

Dougoud, J.; Cock, M.; Edgington, S.; Kuhlmann , U. (2017) A baseline study using Plantwise information to assess the contribution of extension services to the uptake of augmentative biological control in selected low- to lower middle-income countries. BioControl, DOI:10.1007/s10526-017-9823-y [PDF]

Tao, Z.; Toepfer, S.; Wang, B.; Peng, H.; Luo, H.; Wan, X.; Wan, M. (2017) Is business linkage affecting agricultural extension service quality? International Journal of Agricultural Extension, 5 (1), 59-77. [PDF]

Cock, M.; Beseh, P.; Buddie, A.; Cafá, Giovanni & Crozier J. (2017) Molecular methods to detect Spodoptera frugiperda in Ghana, and implications for monitoring the spread of invasive species in developing countries. Nature Scientific Reports, 7 (4103) DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-04238-y [PDF]


Mugambi, I., Williams, F., Muthomi, J., Chege, F., and Oronje, M. (2016) Diagnostic support to Plantwise plant doctors in Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, 8, 232–239. DOI:10.5897/JAERD2016.0808 [PDF]

Thakur, M., Pandit, V., Chaudhary, M. and Rajkumar, R. (2016) ICT interventions in crop health knowledge management for smallholder farmers. Journal of Global Communication, 9, 35–46. [Link]

Cameron, K.H., Somachandra, K.P., Curry, C.N., Jenner, W.H. and Hobbs, S.L.A. (2016) Delivering actionable plant health knowledge to smallholder farmers through the Plantwise program. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information 17(4), 212–229. [Link]

Wright H.J., Ochilo W., Pearson A., Finegold C., Oronje M., Wanjohi J., Kamau R., Holmes T. & Rumsey A. (2016) Using ICT to Strengthen Agricultural Extension Systems for Plant Health. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information. DOI:10.1080/10496505.2015.1120214 [PDF]

Danielsen, S. and Matsiko, F. (2016) Using a plant health system framework to assess plant clinic performance in Uganda. Food Security. DOI:10.1007/s12571-015-0546-6 [PDF] 


Finegold, C., Oronje, M., Leach, M., Karanja, T., Chege, F. and Hobbs, S. (2015) Plantwise Knowledge Bank: Building Sustainable Data and Information Processes to Support Plant Clinics in Kenya. Agricultural Information Worldwide, 6: 96-101. [PDF]


Alokit, C., Tukahirwa, B., Oruka, D., Okotel, M., Bukenya, C. and Mulema, J. (2014) Reaching out to farmers with plant health clinics in Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 15(1): 15-26. [PDF]

Bandara, PT; Kulatunga, WMDH (2014) Using the crop clinic concept to minimize the indiscriminate use of pesticides and promoting effective, judicious pesticide use. Sri Lanka Plant Protection Industry Journal, 8: 39-44. [PDF]

Danielsen, S., Matsiko, F.B., Kjær, A.M. (2014) Implementing plant clinics in the maelstrom of policy reform in Uganda. Food Security, 6(6): 807-818. DOI:10.1007/s12571-014-0388-7 [PDF]


Bentley, J., & Boa, E. (2013) The snowman outline: fact sheets by extensionists for farmers. Development in Practice, 23(3): 440-448. [Link]

Danielsen, S., Boa, E., Mafabi, M., Mutebi, E., Reeder, R., Kabeere, F., Karyeija, R. (2013) Using Plant Clinic Registers to Assess the Quality of Diagnoses and Advice Given to Farmers: A Case Study from Uganda. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 19(2): 183-201. DOI:10.1080/1389224X.2012.741528 [Link]

Danielsen, S., Centeno, J., López, J., Lezama, L., Varela, G., Castillo, P., Narváez, C., Zeledón, I., Pavón, F., Boa, E. (2013) Innovations in plant health services in Nicaragua: From grassroots experiment to a systems approach. Journal of International Development, 25(7): 968-986. DOI:10.1002/jid.1786 [Link]

Leach, M. C., & Hobbs, S. L. a. (2013) Plantwise knowledge bank: delivering plant health information to developing country users. Learned Publishing, 26(3): 180-185. DOI:10.1087/20130305 [PDF]


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Books and book chapters


Chaudhary, M., Thakur, M. (2018). Plantwise: a potential extension approach fostering uptake of biopesticides in SAARC Countries. In: Facilitating Microbial Pesticide Use in Agriculture in South Asia. Wickramaarachchi, W.A.R.T., Chaudhary, M., Patil, J. (Eds.) SAARC Agriculture Centre Bangladesh, CABI India, ICAR India, pp 154-162.


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Colmenarez, Y.; Wyckhuys, K.; Ciomperlik, M.A.; and Rezende, D.T. (2016) Uso do Manejo Integrado de Pragas e Controle Biológico pelos Agricultores na América Latina e no Caribe: Desafios e Oportunidades. In: Vieira, B.A.H. et al. (eds.) Defensivos Agrícolas Naturais: Uso e Perspectivas. Embrapa, Brasília (In Portuguese). pp. 802-853. [PDF]

Heeb, L., Jenner, W. and Romney, D. (2016) Promising innovative extension approaches for climate-smart agriculture: The Plantwise example. In: Sala, S., Rossi, F. and Davis, S. (eds.) Supporting agricultural extension towards Climate-Smart Agriculture: An overview of existing tools. Compendium Climate-smart agriculture & extension. Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA). FAO, pp. 50-57. [PDF]


Mur, R., Williams, F., Danielsen, S., Audet-Bélanger, G. and Mulema, J. (eds). (2015) Listening to the silent patient – Uganda’s journey towards institutionalising inclusive plant health services. CABI Publishing. [Link]

Boa, E., Danielsen, S. and Haesen, S. (2015) Better together - identifying the benefits of a closer integration between plant health, agriculture and one health. Chapter in: One Health: the added value of integrated health approaches (eds. Zinsstag et al.). CABI Publishing. [Link]

Taylor, P. (comp.) (2015) Plantwise Diagnostic Field Guide. CABI Publishing. [Link]


Danielsen, S. 2013. Including plant health in the ‘one health‘ concept – in theory and in Uganda. In: A succes story in Danish development aid – DBL (1964-2012) (Eds. Annette Olsen, Niels Ørnbjerg, Klaus Winkel). Centre for Health Research and Development, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 107-113. [PDF]

Other research


Simione, C. (2018). Clínica de plantas na provínica de manica. In: Capitalização de experiências: Lições para o desenvolvimento em Moçambique e no Brasil, volume 2. Experience Capitalization Series 5. Wageningen: CTA:42-46. [Link]

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Bett, E., Mugwe, J., Nyalugwe, N. Haraman, E., Williams, F., Tambo, J., Wood, A. and Bundi, M. (2018) Impact of plant clinics on disease and pest management, tomato productivity and profitability in Malawi. CABI Working Paper 11, 30pp. [PDF]

Thakur, M.; Pandit, V.; Rehman, A.; Cameron, K.H.; Beverley, C. (2018) ‘Leveraging information and communication technologies for strengthening plant health extension services in South Asia’, in LNA Chandana Jayawardena, M Suryamani, C Sivayoganathan (eds), Extncon2018: Transforming agricultural extension systems: Towards achieving the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Global Impact, 10-12 May 2018, Kandy, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Agricultural Extension Association, Sri Lanka, pp. 201-208. [PDF]


Wigboldus, S., Danielsen, S., Dror, I., Camacho, C., Blum, M., Kisauzi, D., Fett, S., Wongtschowski, M. (2017) The contribution of AIS approaches to achieving impact at scale – intentions, realities and outlooks. KIT Working Papers 2017-10. [PDF]

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Gunapala, K.R.D., Babendreier, D., Toepfer, S. (2017) Analysis of advice quality in crop clinics on rice problems in Sri Lanka.  Annals of Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture 19, 84–90. [PDF]


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Nsabimana, J., Kalisa , J. P., Uzayisenga, B. (2016) Farmers in Rwanda reap benefits with advice from plant clinics. CABI Plantwise Research Brief 5. [PDF]

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