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Valli Kupuswamy

Rice farmer, India

Valli's rice fields in Puducherry were wiped out by an unknown disease following a cyclone. She didn’t know what was wrong or how to fight back. Then Valli heard about a nearby plant clinic and decided to go to get advice...

Martin Busobozi

Plant doctor, Rwanda

Seeing the destruction of vital crops which farmers need to support their families motivated Martin to become a plant doctor. He now serves his community at a plant clinic in Kayonze market outside Kigali...

Basan Thakuri

Tomato farmer, Nepal

Like many urban farmers in Kathmandu, Basan struggled to find solutions against tomato pests which were safe and effective. Luckily, she had heard about a local plant clinic...

Kenny Mwansa

Farmer, Zambia

The advice Kenny received from a plant doctor who visited his farm helped him to reduce his crop losses and triple his income! Kenny now attends his local plant clinic regularly so he never misses out on vital advice...

Flavia Felix Huanca

Plant doctor, Peru

Plant clinics have been operating in Peru since 2011. Flavia is one of the plant doctors in Concepción helping farmers lose less of their potato crop to fungal diseases...


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Invasive Species

CABI’s Action on Invasives programme aims to protect and improve the livelihoods of 50 million poor rural families impacted by invasive species through an environmentally sustainable, regional approach to biological invasion management.