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CABI places high importance on evaluation and learning in Plantwise and implements a program of work that includes contracting external researchers/evaluators as well as using in-house staff and collaboration with universities, research organisations and consultancy firms. 

External evaluations


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Urs Scheidegger and Beno Graf. (2013) External Evaluation of Plantwise SDC contribution Phase 1 [PDF]

CABI impact research


Medina, L., Danielsen, S., Hidalgo, E. 2018. Efecto del Puesto para Plantas de Achuapa, Nicaragua sobre el manejo de la sanidad vegetal de ajonjolí (In Spanish). CABI case study 21. [PDF]

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Sluijs, J. and Posthumus, H. (2017) Plant clinic data management - An assessment of use, management and functioning of the Plantwise data management system. Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Netherlands. Plantwise, CABI. [Kenya PDF] [Myanmar PDF]

Bentley et al. (2017) Delivering messages from plant clinics: The influence of communication on farmer’s perception and uptake of advice. Plantwise, CABI. [Summary PDF] [Malawi PDF] [Nepal PDF] [Costa Rica SPA] [Costa Rica ENG]


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Silvestri, S. and Musebe, R. (2016) Participatory assessment of farm level outcomes and impact of crops pests and diseases management. An application to the Plantwise programme in Rwanda and Ghana. Plantwise, CABI. [PDF]

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