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Plantwise impact is measured by our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team at a number of different levels: local, national and at programme level. At a local level, we focus more closely on plant clinic operations so that the organisations running the clinics can improve their performance in terms of quality of advice, geographic coverage, farmer satisfaction. At a national level, questions of interest to government policy are more relevant, for example how plant clinics contribute to delivering national objectives of supporting agriculture and managing pests, and the implications, including cost of government ownership of clinics and capacity development. At the programme level, CABI is interested in how the programme itself is performing and in learning lessons that will inform decisions about the interventions.

Read the M&E strategy to learn about how we carry out M&E.

Impact stories

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Plantwise works to contribute to the global conversation on plant health and food security through peer-reviewed publications and internal working papers. Our research and publications show lessons learned, impacts and trends in pest managment and development from around the world.

Farmers attending a plant clinic in Peru


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Invasive Species

CABI’s Action on Invasives programme aims to protect and improve the livelihoods of 50 million poor rural families impacted by invasive species through an environmentally sustainable, regional approach to biological invasion management.