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How will we feed 9 billion people?

Achieving a zero hunger world by 2030 depends on increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers – but their crops face a significant threat. Yearly, an estimated 40% of crops grown worldwide are lost to plant pests and diseases. If we could reduce crop losses by even one per cent, we could potentially feed millions more people. Plantwise is beginning to change the story, but there is more to be done.

We would like to express our thanks to our current donors and partners. Their support enables smallholder farmers to gain accessible and appropriate advice which is free at the point of use, thus helping them lose less of their crops to pests and diseases, and feed more.

Key reasons to fund the Plantwise global programme

Background of scientific excellence

Plantwise is led by CABI, an international organization founded over 100 years ago, working to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. Today, 48 member countries help to guide CABI’s mandate.

Evidence of sustainability

Plantwise is a programme which is embedded in the everyday operations of the national governments and partners we work with. Year on year, we see increased financial support coming from partners to scale-up plant clinics and data management because they recognise the cost efficiencies and return on investment that can be achieved.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Plantwise can bridge the gap between farmers and the knowledge they need to grow more and lose less to pests. This has a knock-on effect of providing food for their families and improving their income, which in turn can support the success of other development agendas such child education and resilience to climate change.

Achieving global food security

We are all connected through trade and globalised markets. Supporting food security means increasing the sustainable food supply for us all.

What our donors are saying

“Plantwise contributes to more efficient and sustainable crop protection at a farmer level."
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) evaluator

“To have a complete picture of what Plantwise is doing all over the world is very valuable.”
European Commission (DG DEVCO) representative

Join us

If you are interested in becoming a donor or partner to Plantwise, please contact Janny Vos, Strategic Partnerships Director

Contact Plantwise

If you would like to discuss how you can get involved with Plantwise today.
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