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Safer plant protection products

The increase in devastating crop pests, such as the fall armyworm and tomato pinworm, has led to a growth in pesticide use among smallholder farmers. However, even when used properly pesticides can have a negative impact on human health and the environment. PlantwisePlus will work to ensure farmers have access to affordable, more sustainable plant protection products, such as biocontrol and biopesticides.

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PlantwisePlus will work to ensure safer plant protection products, such as biopesticides and biocontrol products are readily available so farmers can put them to use.

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PlantwisePlus will work with local agricultural suppliers to make sure the safer plant products are not only available, but sold at a price farmers can afford.

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Local manufacture

PlantwisePlus aims to help small-scale local businesses produce safer to use products for use in their communities. Assisting farmers and agri-businesses to build successful and viable businesses, will create sustainable incomes.

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