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Safer, higher quality food

80% of food consumed in developing regions is grown by small-scale farmers. Increasing food and nutritional security is essential in ending hunger, however major challenges must be overcome to do so. PlantwisePlus aims to raise awareness of agricultural best practice and nutritional information, including pesticide use, helping farmers produce safer, more nutritious food. Not only will this open up new markets to farmers, but local communities will gain access to higher quality, healthier produce.

woman apply products to plants

Pesticide risks

Nearly 40% of crops are lost to pests, however high pesticide use poses risks to both human health and the environment. PlantwisePlus aims to raise awareness of issues related to hazardous pesticides, driving demand for higher quality food.

A female African farmer bent over in a field

Supply and demand

By increasing demand for safer food PlantwisePlus will motivate farmers to adopt sustainable, less hazardous farming methods. Not only will this open up new markets, but it will help improve communities by providing local consumers with reliable access to affordable, higher quality food.

An female African farmer standing in front of a maize field

Employment opportunities

In many countries half the agricultural labour force are women, however they often do not have the same rights and resources as men. PlantwisePlus will work to close the gender gap by improving women’s access to agricultural advisory services and providing information on and use of safer products and practices.

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