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Where farmers get agricultural advice from trained plant doctors

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Plantwise has set up a sustainable network of over 4,500 plant clinics in 34 countries around the world. Plant clinics are a meeting place where local agricultural advisory officers, known as plant doctors, help farmers struggling with plant pests and diseases. They provide diagnoses and management advice for any problem and any crop. The plant clinics are not operated by CABI directly, but our national partners. Plantwise has provided training for over 11,500 plant doctors and connects them with knowledge resources such as the Plantwise Knowledge Bank and national research centres who can provide local diagnostic support. To ensure that plant doctors always give best-practice advice, Plantwise has introduced a set of policies to help plant doctors run plant clinics and continually monitors the advice they give to farmers through the Plantwise Online Management System.

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Invasive Species

CABI’s Action on Invasives programme aims to protect and improve the livelihoods of 50 million poor rural families impacted by invasive species through an environmentally sustainable, regional approach to biological invasion management.