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The farmer advisory pathway

PlantwisePlus delivers digital advisory tools that boost sustainable agriculture and improve the capacity of public and private actors who support smallholder farmers to diagnose crop health problems and recommend sustainable solutions.

PlantwisePlus aims to increase access to intuitive decision support tools and to information that can enable advisors and farmers to make more informed decisions in their crop management.

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Digital tools

PlantwisePlus ensures farmers have access to accurate advice and information by working with local agricultural advisory service providers and providing them with up to date information and digital decision-making tools to support their community

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Insights and information

Our digital tools provide a two-way street between PlantwisePlus and smallholder farmers. By using data collected from our digital platforms we will gain insights and learn from what we do. This creates better informed public and private extension advisory services for farmers.

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Effective farmer advisory

With access to reliable information to best practice, farmer advisory in smallholder communities improves thereby boosting local agriculture sustainably.

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