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Knowledge for Life

Smallholder farmers across the world need access to vital information and related digital technologies so their crops are less susceptible to pests and diseases. Farmers need support and solutions to adapt to a changing environment, which threatens their efforts to increase harvests and step out of poverty.

PlantwisePlus will give farmers the knowledge and services they need to help improve crop production and livelihoods. By providing access to rural advisory services and technologies farmers will be better able to adapt agricultural practices and choose farming methods that increase incomes and supply safer food.

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Knowledge sharing

PlantwisePlus will ensure farmers have access to the latest climate-smart farming information. We will work with local agricultural advisors and suppliers, providing them with up to date information and decision-making tools, to share with local farmers.

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Field-level decision support

Temperature and rainfall fluctuations, everchanging pests and diseases, and extreme weather events affect food production. Our digital tools will provide advice and information on the best farming practices and technologies for a changing climate.


Data and research

Our digital tools will provide a two-way street between PlantwisePlus and farmers. By using data collected from our digital platforms we will measure, evaluate and learn from what we do. PlantwisePlus will translates this learning into better, climate-smart services for farmers.

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