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Detecting and responding to pest threats

Pests can have a devastating effect on smallholder yields, accounting for nearly 40% of all crop losses. Climate change is worsening the risk as it changes the biology, distribution and outbreak potential of agricultural pests.

Not only will PlantwisePlus provide farmers with affordable and safe pest management options, but we will also create effective pest monitoring systems so farmers can stay one step ahead of potential crop threats. Using pest risk data and pest distribution observations, plus insights from climate change models, PlantwisePlus will help farmers to respond quickly and effectively to pest threats, improving food and economic security.

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Recognising pest threats

PlantwisePlus will help farmers outsmart pests and improve food security. Using data from pest risk mapping, pest distribution observations and climate change insights, we’ll help countries to identify, prioritise and respond to threats, quickly and effectively.

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Tackling crop pests

PlantwisePlus will work with countries to help them develop national response plans to tackle crop health threats, such as the devastating fall armyworm. By creating a coordinated response, we’ll help farmers stay one step ahead of pests, helping increase yields and food security.

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