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Little leaf disease on Black pepper

Piper yellow mottle virus (PYMV), Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) Sinhala- Pathra kudaweeme rogaya; Tamil- Milakil sittilai noi
Sri Lanka
  • Use disease free certified planting materials
  • Obtain rooted cuttings from disease free healthy vines
  • Shade management for vector control (lace bug, pruning of shade trees 4 times per year)
  • Control vectors such as black pepper lace bug and citrus mealy bug using recommended insecticides (see yellow direct control)
  • Look for following symptoms which can be categorized into two stages
  • Partial Infection:
    • Mosaic pattern in leaves
    • Normal shape and size of leaves
    • No growth reduction
  • Severe Infection:
    • Stunted growth
    • Extensive chlorosis
    • Leaf curling and leaf narrowing
    • Distortion and size reduction
    • Marginal necrosis in some leaves
    • Stiff and brittle leaf tissues
    • Short internodes and short berry spikes
  • Remove all the affected vines from the field and burn
  • Always wear personal protective equipment while handling pesticides
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before handling pesticides
  • Do not eat, smoke or drink while spraying pesticides
  • Do not repeat pesticides with same mode of action
  • IRAC – Insecticide Resistance Action Committee
  • For Lace bug - Acetamiprid 20%SP. Rate of dilution: 10g/10L water. Rate of Application: 2 lit per mature vine
  • WHO class III (Slightly hazardous)
  • For Mealybug – Fipronil 50 SC. Rate of dilution: 5ml / 10 lit. of water. Rate of application: 3-4 lit. per mature vine
  • Soil drenching only to the diseased vines and surrounding healthy vines. WHO Class II. IRAC MOA 2B. Moderately hazardous. Toxic to rabbits, fish, bees and birds
AUTHOR(S): W.M.R.W.B.Wijekoon Department of Export Agriculture

CREATED/UPDATED: August 2018/August 2020
PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.