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Downy mildew on maize

Peronosclerospora maydis; P. sorghi; P sacchari Namzikambe
  • Plant diseased free certified seed
  • Destroy all the alternative hosts (sugarcane and sorghum) and volunteer plants around the field after harvest
  • Avoid ratooning sorghum for avoid them acting as source of inoculum
  • Burn all the infected debris after harvest to reduce primary inoculum
  • Deep ploughing of to burry infected residues
  • Do not plant maize close to sugarcane field
  • Do not intercrop maize with sugarcane
  • When buying maize seed by seed pre-treated with fungicides
  • Monitor plants as soon as they have their first leaves as early as 9 days after germination. Monitoring needs be continued up until the floweing period
  • Look on the older plants for chlorotic (yellow) strips that begins at the base with clearly defined margin between diseased and healthy tissues
  • Look for leaves that are narrower and more erect than the healthy leaves
  • Look for downy covering (whitish powder) on underside of the leaves
  • Rogue out and bury all the infected plants as soon as detected to reduce the spread of disease caused by spores in the field within the season
  • Fungicides are not generally recommended to smallholder farmers to manage this disease
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AUTHOR(S): Johnny I.G. Masangwa, Department of Agricultural Research Services, MoAIWD

PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.