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Smut on Ragi

Melanopsichium eleusinis Karugal nooi / கருகல் நோய்
  • Remove weed hosts from bunds and channels.
  • Plant resistant varieties Markazhi pattam (Dec to Jan), Co -9, Co 13, Co 14, (Sep – oct), Paiyur 1, Co 13 or Co 14.
  • Avoid using excess nitrogenous fertilizers (split in 3 doses: 50% in basal application, 25% in tillering stage/phase and 25% in panicle initiation stage). Recommended dosage of nitrogenous fertilizer usage is 60 kg/Ha.
  • Disease symptoms appear during ear emergence when the ear appears dark grey due to masses of teliospores covered by a thin membrane of tissue. The membrane splits at maturity by releasing spores into the air.
  • Affected grain may emerge later than neighbouring plants.
  • Infected plants can be identified by their dark colour and swollen appearance.
  • Green sorus turn pink/green and finally turn black. Stem galling has also been seen.
  • Dip the seedling with Pseudomonas fluorescence at 2.5 kg/3 cents, make treatment sub plot and dip seedlings for 15 minutes.
  • When using a pesticide or botanical, always wear protective clothing and follow the instructions on the product label, such as dosage, timing of application, pre-harvest interval, max number of sprays, restricted re-entry interval. Do not empty into drains and water sources.
  • Two sprays of Carbendazim 50% SC. 2% at the 45th day and 65th day.
  • WHO Class U (Unlikely to present acute hazard). Pre-harvest Interval 14 days.
AUTHOR(S): P. Prakash, Kanchana, T. Sunil Kumar (National Agro Foundation), D. Adhikari. Phone no. 9110550127, Email:

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