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Potato leafroll virus

Potato leafroll virus luteovirus (PVY)
  • Rotate with non solanaceae crops such as maize, sorghum, beans, etc.
  • Plant certified potato seed from certified suppliers such as KALRO Tigoni and ADC Molo
  • Plant potato varieties that have some tolerance such as Sherekea, Kenya Baraka, Dutch Robin and Annet
  • Keep the field free of potential hosts of aphids like black nightshade, potato volunteers from previous seasons, and other weeds
  • Plant at the onset of the rains to avoid aphid infestation
  • Additional relevant crops: tobacco, potato, tomato, sodom apple, black nightshade
  • Check for the upward and inward rolling of leaflet margin
  • Check for dead spots on the leaves, branches and tubers. Check also for malformed tubers and dwarf plants
  • Check if the lower leaves are turning brown
  • High population of ants on or around the plants feeding on honey dew
  • Start direct control when 5-winged aphids are caught on the traps or on the lower side of the leaf
  • Uproot infected plants and burn or bury atleast two feet deep
  • Place 4 yellow traps per acre to trap the adult aphid
  • Protect and conserve natural enemies of aphids such as lace wing, lady birds or parasitic wasps/Amphitech (Aphidius transcaspinus) by using less strong synthetic pesticides
  • Place honey traps under the plants to lure ants away from aphids to help control them
  • Control aphids by spraying Azadirachtin (Neemroc EC and Nimbecidine EC: 20-50ml per 20L of water)
  • Always wear protective equipment when spraying chemicals
  • Follow the instructions on the product label, such as dosage, timing of application, max number of sprays, restricted re-entry interval
  • Always consult recent list of registered pesticides (PCPB)
  • Control aphids by spraying Lambda-cyhalothrin, 17.5g/L e.g. DUDUTHRIN1.7 EC or KARATE 17.5 EC at a rate of 60ml in 20L of water
  • WHO Class II (Moderately hazardous) and PHI of 3-7 days
  • Control aphids by spraying Bifenthrin (e.g. Defender 2.5% or Brigade at the rate of 20ml per 20L of water)
  • Defender: PHI: 7 days, WHO Class II, MRL -0.3mg/Kg Brigade PHI - 3 days
AUTHOR(S): Judith Oyoo (KALRO), Paul Kiige (MOALF), Kibet (UoN) and Miriam Otipa (KALRO), Benson Masinde (MOALF) and Maurice Okeno (MOALF)

CREATED/UPDATED: December 2014
PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.