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Management of Rice blast

Pyricularia oryza, Magnaporthe grisea
  • Deep ploughing with organic matter
  • Use of disease/spot free seed
  • Avoid the use of exessive N and apply balanced fertilizer
  • Weed control to remove alternate host plants
  • Regular visits and observation of the rice plants immediately if low night and high day temperature, drizzly rain, morning dew and windy weather
  • Look for angular shaped lesions (eye shaped) with pointed ends on the leaves
  • Look for infected nodes, panicle and neck
  • Observe alternative host grasses for symptoms
  • Late wet and dry season is favorable
  • Sandy loam soil and dry condition also favour the disease
  • Spraying of MOP (@6g/L) and elemental sulphur (@6g/L) during PI-boot stage
  • Split application of nitrogen fertilizer do not exceed recommended dose
  • Keep soil moist and apply irrigation during drought
  • Apply fungicides during early morning and or late afternoon
  • Use mask during spraying of pesticides
  • Don’t apply fungicides high concentrations of chemical or more than two times
  • Application of fungicide during boot and after flowering is recommended Spray premixed Tebuconazole+Trifloxystrobin usually @ 0.5g/L of water
  • Trifloxystrobin- WHO U , FRAC 11; Tebuconazole- WHO II , FRAC 3 (Use two sprays 7-10 day intervals apart)
  • Spraying of powder formulation of Tricyclazole @ 0.75g/L of water
  • WHO II FRAC 16.1 (Use two sprays 7-10 day intervals apart)
  • Spraying premixed Tricyclazole and Propiconazole- @ 2-3 ml/L water
  • Tricyclazole- WHOII, FRAC 16.1; Propiconazole- WHO II, FRAC 3 (Use two sprays 7-10 day intervals apart)
AUTHOR(S): Dr. Tahmid Hossain Ansari (BRRI), Prof. Dr. Md. Razzab Ali (SAU), Md. Azhar Ali Mondal (DAE), Suvash Chandra Gayen (DAE)

PRODUCED BY: Plantwise