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Control of Nicandra physalodes in Maize

Nicandra physaloides Chinese lantern, apple of Peru (English), Gheraccia (Tigrigna)
  • Clean farm tools and machines after leaving an infested area to reduce the risk of spread
  • Plough the field to expose weed seeds to the sun and predators and/or to bury weed seeds below their germination zone
  • Remove weeds before seed setting to avoid seed addition to the soil
  • Only use certified seed to avoid introduction through contamination
  • Apply fertilizer within the crop rows to promote better crop growth
  • Rotate maize with pulse crops to reduce weed pressure
  • Consider application of a pre-emergence herbicide if the weed was present in the preceding year
  • Regular surveillance of crop land to identify and remove all Nicandra plants throughout the cropping season
  • Check fields for infestation of Nicandra during fallow period, before planting and after planting of maize in order to determine control methodes that best suit time and scale of infestion
  • Critical period of weed competition in maize 3 - 7 weeks after emergence of maize
  • Dig, hand pull or hoe out before seed set or cut the plants when the soil is moist to facilitate uprooting, or till the soil when weeds are at seedling stage
  • To dispose of pulled weed, if seed has not set, add to a compost heap. If seed has set, ensure pulled weed is buried to least 60 cm
  • Use of chemical herbicides may lead to the development of herbicide resistance.
  • When using a pesticide, always wear protective clothing and follow the instructions on the product label, such as dosage, timing of application, and pre-harvest interval.
  • Apply pre-emergence herbicide Pendimethalin (3.05 L product/ha); apply uniformly to the soil within 2 days of sowing
  • WHO class II (moderately hazardous)
  • Apply 2,4-D 720g/L a.i (1-1.5 L product/ha) 2-3 weeks after crop emergence
  • WHO class II (moderately hazardous)
AUTHOR(S): Taye T., Frehiwot S. and Amare F.

CREATED/UPDATED: February 2016
PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.