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Chilli Thrips on Hot Peppers

Scirtothrips dorsalis
  • Field sanitation. Remove old material from the field. Remove alternate host plants which includes many types of weed.
  • Raise seedlings in a thrip free region so that seedlings are not carrying the pest.
  • Once crop is established use overhead sprinklers to reduce the incidence of the pest.
  • Hosts include: asparagus, pumpkin, watermelon, soybean, green bean, citrus, cotton, onion, groundnut, sunflower, cashew, tobacco, mango, sweet potato, as well as all the members of the pepper family (Solanaceae)
  • Check plants twice weekly from seedling stage.
  • Use yellow sticky traps to monitor. Place1-4 yellow sticky traps every 300 sq m field area. Place traps just above the canopy. Replace traps at least once a week.
  • Check the lower surface of the leaves for the presence of pests. A hand lens is required
  • Small (less than 1mm) insect, yellow to brown in colour as they mature cigarette shaped
  • Heavy infestations cause silvering, leaf deformation and leaf fall.
  • Treat when more than two thrips are found per plant sample about 10 plants across the plot.
  • Look for lace wing (Crysopa) as predators for the insect, hold off spraying if numbers of lace wings are high and thrips seem to be limited
  • Spiders and predatory mites can also be found feeding on the pest these may keep the pest under control.
  • Spray with finely chopped garlic solution in 50ml of mineral oil for a day
  • Ensure correct personal protection equipment is used when applying agrochemicals. Rotate chemical use (change chemical regularly) to prevent build-up of resistant pests.
  • Chlorfenapyr (Pirate) 1/2tsp per gal
  • IRAC 13. WHO II. REI 24hrs,DTH 3-5
  • Fipronil (Regent, Flip, Mortel) 1/2tsp per gal
  • IRAC 2B. WHO II. REI 24hrs, DTH 7
  • Abamectin (Newmectin, Vertimec) 1/5tsp per gal
  • IRAC 6. WHO II. REI 24hrs, DTH 3-7
  • Spinosad (Spintor, Entrust) 1/5tsp per gal
  • IRAC 5. WHO U. REI 24hrs, DTH 3
  • (Rosemary and Peppermint oils) Ecotrol 2-6tsp per gal
  • IRAC U. WHO U. REI 24hrs, DTH 3
AUTHOR(S): Bret Taylor- Ministry of Agriculture

PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.