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Green leafhoppers

Nephotettix nigropictus (Stal) เพลี้ยจักจั่นสีเขียว
  • Use a resistant variety (RD4, RD9, RD21, RD23, SPR60, SPR90 PSL2)
  • If direct seeding Sowing Rate 15-20 Kg/rai
  • Preferred planting method - transplanting or parachuting
  • Field survey observation every 2 weeks
  • Sweep net (15-40 days)
  • Direct counting (41 to Harvesting). Look at stem above water level
  • Apply B. bassiana every week
  • Use a giant light trap
  • Use long way yellow sticky trap (40 days- harvesting)
  • Draining, water control, wet and dry (5-7days) Irritated field
  • For irrigated areas, drain water to invite ants which eat the nymphs
  • Apply neem extract (during nymph state)
  • When to use chemical control: 10 adults /tiller, ETLs
  • Don’t use abamectin (will kill natural enemies) and do not use granular insecticides
  • Do not mix insecticides
  • Do not use 36 chemicals in the RD recommendation list
  • Rotate chemicals to prevent resistance
  • Buprofezin
  • 40-60 DAS. IRAC group 16. WHO III
  • Buprofezin+ Isoprocarb
  • 40-60 DAS. Buprofezin: IRAC group 16, WHO III Isoprocarb: IRAC group 1A, WHO II
  • Etofenprox (Control Poison)
  • 60 DAS - harvest. IRAC group 3A. WHO U
  • Dinotefuran
  • 60DAS - harvest. IRAC group 4A
  • Pymatrozin
  • IRAC 9B
AUTHOR(S): Bureau of Rice Research and Development, Rice Department

PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.