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White fly on melon

White fly Bemisia tabaci
  • Eradicate weeds from field in the beginning of the crop at early stage
  • Destroy the debris of the crop after harvesting
  • Grow only recommended varieties e.g. melon 1, sugarbaby, Ravi, T-96, Black Chairman, Jaguar, Black happy
  • Avoid sowing alternate host plants of white fly, like cabbage,cotton and okra, near melon crop
  • Attack of insects can be seen on leaves, flowers and tender branches
  • Infected plants look dirty and opaque
  • Sticky material comes from the body of insects and black fungus appears on leaves
  • Adults are small whitish flying insects and young ones are yellow dot like non-motile insects present on the underside of the leaves
  • Take action when 5 adults, young or both are observed per leaf (ETL)
  • Promote the growth of beneficial insects (chrysoperla, ladybird beetle) by justifying the use of pesticides
  • One week interval between sprays
  • Use of PPEs is highly recommended when using chemical pesticides mentioned on yellow page
  • Products with longer PHIs may be used early in the season and those with short PHIs can be used near harvesting time
  • Pyriproxyfen @250- 400mL/ 100L water / acre (PHI 14 days)
  • WHO Class U
  • Spirotetramat @ 250ml/100L water/acre (PHI 14 days)
  • WHO Class III
  • Buprofezin @600g/100L water/acre (PHI 7 days)
  • WHO Class U
AUTHOR(S): Fayyaz Ahmad,

PRODUCED BY: Plantwise

©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.