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Preparation of neem solution


Recognize the problem

Neem solution is a botanical pesticide that can be used for the control of insects, including many caterpillars.


  • Neem pesticide is environmental friendly because it has no residual effects. Moreover, it can be easy to prepare and the cost is very low for the farmer.
  • Neem is less toxic to living organisms and their environment than chemical pesticides
  • Spraying should be undertaken in the cooler hours of the morning or late in the evening
  • During periods of hot weather, the frequency of spraying should be increased. In winter, spray once every 10 days and in the rainy season spraying every day is recommended.
  • Insects lay eggs on the underside of the leaves so it is important to spray under the leaves also
  • The kernel extract also controls sucking insects like aphids, whiteflies and stem borers but farmers need to spray several times weekly


  • 50g of neem kernel is required per 1 litre of water
  • Remove the outer coat of the kernel before pounding
  • Gently pound the neem kernel in such a way that no oil comes out
  • Gather the pounded neem kernel powder and soak it overnight in water
  • Add 30ml of the neem solution to 1 litre of water and stir well
  • The solution should be used within 8 hours

The recommendations in this factsheet are relevant to: Myanmar

Authors: Plant Protection Division
Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.

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