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Guard Basket traps for control of Palm Weevil in Coconut

Rhynchophorus palmarum

Recognize the problem

The palm weevil vectors the red ring nematode inside its body and carries it to the trunk of healthy trees. The nematode enters the palm though wounds and causes death of the coconut palm.


Guard baskets are designed to protect the estate from frequent outbreaks of the disease. They do so by attracting and killing the Palm Weevils which may enter from nearby diseased trees.


  • Guard baskets are made of ¾ inch mesh wire. They are cylindrical, 3ft high and 1 ½ feet in diameter
  • These baskets are filled with chunks of fresh tissue from diseased coconut trees to attract the beetle. If such trees are not available, chunks of Palmiste or “Gru Gru” trees may be used
  • Spray the tissue in the guard basket completely with about one gallon of an insecticide such as chlorpyrifos
  • Place the guard baskets on the ground in the estate, using one basket per acre of young coconut trees
  • This procedure is especially recommended in the dry season when the weevils are most active in the cool nights
  • Guard baskets remain effective for about two weeks, after which the tissue in the basket should be burnt and replaced with fresh tissue and insecticide

When using a pesticide, always wear protective clothing and follow the instructions on the product label, such as dosage, timing of application, and pre-harvest interval.

The recommendations in this factsheet are relevant to: All Countries

Authors: Petal Ram, Amel Baksh, R. Griffith
Ministry of Food Production
tel: 646 4334-7 email:
©CAB International. Published under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence.

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