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CABI distribution maps data
The distribution information displayed for this selection is compiled from CABI's Distribution Maps of Plant Pests and Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases. Data from this source is compiled from a wide variety of scientific sources and is thoroughly verified by a team of species specialists at CABI, EPPO, NHM, national plant biosecurity bodies and independent consultants.
National Biodiversity Network data
In the UK there is an enormous amount of biodiversity information that has been gathered over the years by volunteers who organise themselves through many national and local societies and recording schemes and by the UK government (through its conservation and environmental agencies), local government and non-government wildlife-related organisations.
The National Biodiversity Network (NBN), is making as much of the information as possible available to everyone who needs it through an innovative website known as the NBN Gateway. The NBN Gateway quite simply acts as a “data warehouse” for biodiversity information covering plants, mammals, birds and invertebrates, which can be quickly and easily accessed to understand the distribution of particular species in the UK.
International Center for Tropical Agriculture data
CIAT is the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, whose mission is to reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human health in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture. CIAT's vision is to conduct interdisciplinary and applied research through partnerships with national programmes, civil society organizations, and the private sector, to produce international public goods that are directly relevant to their users. These goods include improved germplasm, technologies, methodologies, and knowledge. CIAT has been conducting cassava improvement research since the mid-1970s and the distribution information displayed for this selection is part of the continued effort to detect and monitor emerging cassava pests in Asia.
CAB Abstracts Text Mined data
The most comprehensive database of its kind, CAB Abstracts gives researchers instant access to over 6.3 million records from 1973 onwards, with over 300,000 abstracts added each year. Its coverage of the applied life sciences includes agriculture, environment, veterinary sciences, applied economics, food science and nutrition.
Plantwise is in the process of extracting the geospatial information from the text of CAB Abstracts records to produce species distribution records for plant pests and diseases. So far, this has provided over 3000 detailed sub-country level distribution points, and this number continues to increase.
CABI Projects Data
CABI has been working on managing pests and diseases for over 100 years in more than 60 countries. Our work usually takes the form of projects and consultancies for governments, academic institutions, NGOs and research organizations. The distribution data from CABI projects is collected by our highly trained scientists who specialise in identification and management of crop pests and pathogens. These scientists work alongside partners and farmers whose local knowledge is a vital input to surveys and project work.
KALRO (Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization) is a corporate body created under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013 to establish suitable legal and institutional framework for coordination of agricultural research in Kenya with the following goals: promote, streamline, co-ordinate and regulate research in crops, livestock, genetic resources and biotechnology in Kenya; expedite equitable access to research information, resources and technology and promote the application of research findings and technology in the field of agriculture.
Crop Protection Compendium data
The Crop Protection Compendium is a time-saving, encyclopedic, mixed-media tool that draws together scientific information on all aspects of crop protection. It features extensive global coverage of pests, diseases, weeds and their natural enemies, the crops that are their hosts, and the countries in which they occur.
Plantwise brings you species distribution information from the CPC for over 2800 crop pests, diseases, weeds, invasive plants and natural enemies.