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Plantwise Technical Factsheet

white rice borer (Scirpophaga nivella)

Host plants / species affected
Cyperus (flatsedge)
Eleocharis (spikerush)
Oryza sativa (rice)
Scirpus (bulrush)
List of symptoms/signs
Growing point  -  dead heart
Growing point  -  internal feeding; boring
Leaves  -  external feeding
Leaves  -  internal feeding
Stems  -  dead heart
Stems  -  internal feeding
The symptoms produced by S. nivella are almost identical to those of other rice stemborers.
Prevention and control

S. nivella usually occurs together with other stemborers such as Chilo spp., Scirpophaga spp. and Sesamia spp., and is controlled simultaneously with other species.

Biological Control

The egg parasites Trichogramma australicum and T. japonicum were released in Taiwan in a biological control programme which involved S. nivella (Chen, 1972).
S. nivella is rarely mentioned in recent literature and it may be concluded that it is only a minor pest of rice.
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Bhandari, N. R.; Thapa, R. B.; CABI, 2015, English language
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