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We would like to express our thanks to our donors and partners. Their support enables smallholder farmers to gain accessible and appropriate advice which is free at the point of use, thus helping them lose less of their crops to pests and diseases, and feed more.

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Plantwise is led by CABI (Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International). CABI is an international organization, founded 100 years ago, working to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. 


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Lead donors


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European Commission - EuropeAid


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC


 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


Core donors


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research


Irish Aid


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Content partners

Plantwise has numerous partners providing valuable content for the knowledge bank.

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Clinic partners

Over 127 local partners around the world are helping to establish and run plant clinics.

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If you are interested in becoming a donor or partner to Plantwise, please contact Janny Vos, Strategic Partnerships Director