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Nearly 1 billion people go hungry every day; but with a little help they can protect their crops and feed their families

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How far has Plantwise come? And what will we achieve next?

Check out this snapshot of Plantwise growth over the years...

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Facing the future of crop protection: officials from across Africa join IPPC, Plantwise and FAO for collaboration on plant health

 Plantwise workshop Accra with FAO and IPPC

5th August, 2014, Accra, Ghana – For farmers across Africa and around the world, tackling crop pest problems in a safe and sustainable way is a major challenge. Currently between 30-40% of crops on average are lost to pests, and while the technology and knowledge exist to reduce losses, vital plant health information remains out of reach for many farmers. This week, four African countries united in Accra to outline actions for coordinated pest management and pesticide risk reduction. The goal: building linkages to enable safe and sustainable food security at a national, regional and global level. Click here to read full press release in English and in French.

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 Check out the 2013 Plantwise Annual Report

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How far have we got?

Arrows round globe We have built a knowledge bank, containing detailed pest distribution maps, diagnostic facility and treatment support. Explore it here and give us your feedback.
300 plant clinics established so far

We have already helped establish over 413 plant clinics in 31 countries. These clinics have helped over 280,000 smallholder farmers and their families.

67 We have brought together over 127 partners both local and internationally, to make the clinic programme and the knowledge bank a sustainable reality.
$28 million We have funds of $60 million from our lead donors DFID (UK Department for International Development), the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), EuropeAid (European Commission), DGIS (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands), and others.
plant graphic This is just the beginning. This is a new initiative, barely 2 years old and we have plans to help millions more farmers and researchers access the knowledge they need to improve food securty and people's lives.


What is Plantwise?

Plantwise is a global programme, led by CABI, to improve food security and improve rural livelihoods by reducing crop losses.

How is Plantwise helping the world's poorest farmers lose less and grow more?

By delivering actionable knowledge:
Plantwise is helping countries establish community-based plant clinics which deliver practical advice to farmers when their crops have a problem.

We are helping to join up the research community and the farmers, by translating the researchers’ knowledge into practical, accessible advice and feeding back information from farmers into a central knowledge bank.

We are bringing together the best of the knowledge in the plant health field, including local pest distribution data, and making it available from a central resource.


Overview of Plantwise

Find out how Plantwise is improving lives and food security


Meet Martin, one Rwandan plant doctor


Get involved

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Plantwise Policies

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Plantwise is supported by:

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European Commission - EuropeAid

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

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